wooden wire spools crafted into lace-trimmed cake stands
Emily Jenkins Followill

Elevated Offerings

On top of an antique oval mirror, wooden industrial spools crafted into lace-trimmed pedestals hold a variety of grisly goodies.

Halloween-inspired menu
Emily Jenkins Followill

Murky Menu

Treat your guests to a Halloween-inspired menu of Evil Eyeballs, Poison Apples, Death By Chocolate, Bat Cookies, and Severed-Head Cheese on a silver platter. Not sinful enough? Wash down the venom with a potent goblet of Eternal Damnation.

Download our template and write in your own tasty menu.

blocks of chocolate
Emily Jenkins Followill

Death by Chocolate

Die happy with blocks upon blocks of chocolate. Just in case your guests survive the overdose, there are plenty of poison apples.

serving of evil eyeballs
Emily Jenkins Followill

Evil Eyeballs

You looking at me? Make your guests do a double take with a serving of Evil Eyeballs. This crowd-pleaser will disappear long before the comments on their name or taste.

Served in fine china with wispy parchment paper, the biscuit-based sausage ball becomes utterly refined. A suitable accompaniment, severed-head cheese (we chose a round of Parmesan, but any flavor will do) finds an appropriate home on a silver platter.

Bowl: Versace by Rosenthal (pattern discontinued)

bat-shaped sugar cookies
Emily Jenkins Followill

Bat Cookies

Vampires have nothing on these delectable bat-shaped sugar cookies. Go ahead. Take a bite. No rabies shot necessary. Bat-wing cookies won’t bite back -- but they will leave a lovely black kiss on your lips. Who needs lipstick?

Bat cookies: Angels Confections; Birmingham, Alabama; (205) 871-3536

lace and strings of crystals transform a traditional chandelier
Emily Jenkins Followill

Lace Chandelier

Lengths of lace and strands of crystals transform a traditional chandelier into an eerie corona.

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