Holiday Entertaining Centerpiece Ideas
Mel Yates

Dangling Centerpiece


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Harrison Black Pillar Holders
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Tier Cascade Faux Chandelier
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Tie One On Table Bow
Mel Yates

Tie One On

Don't neglect side tables from your party decorating plans. Try a different tabletop look, and wrap the linens into an oversized bow rather than the typical skirted table. Sprinkle it with treats to extend the gift giving theme.


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Hemstitched Linen Tablecloths, Navy
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Repurpose Wine Glasses for Holiday Entertaining
Mel Yates

Light Source

Repurpose your wine glass collection into decorative party lights by placing tea lights in the bowl of the glass and adding wired garland to the stems. Arrange in clusters of three for effect, and be sure to put out of reach of jutting elbows.


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Godinger Dublin Crystal Goblets
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Polaroid Place Cards
Mel Yates

Photo Shoot


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Polaroid One Instant Camera
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Holiday Paty Theme
Mel Yates

Mono Style

Restrict yourself to a monochromatic palette, and then abandon all other rules. Choose the spiciest shades of your chosen color for a bold and dramatic look.


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Blue Hummingbird Ornament
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Recycle, Reuse old wine bottles
Mel Yates

Wine Not

No need to spend a lot of money on a centerpiece. Collect used wine bottles, spray paint them both black matter and high gloss black. Top them off with black taper candles for an elegant and romantic holiday look.


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Taper Candles, Black
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Quadra Bartop Glass Bottle
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Holiday Entertaining Ideas
Mel Yates

Relax the Back

Rather than crowding guests around a formal table, opt to host a laid-back, intimate get together. Set out plush pillows, low side tables, and easy-to-eat food for a Moroccan-themed party.


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Craftsman Hammered Copper Bowl
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Holiday Entertaining Ideas
Mel Yates

Skip Dinner

Ignore the entrée, and get right down to the best part: drinks and dessert. Invite friends over for a cool cocktail party with a menu limited to only the holiday season's guiltiest pleasures.


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Great Wine Decanter
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Great White Cake Stand
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Holiday Entertaining Ideas
Mel Yates


Follow the advice given to Mr. Gladstone in the iconic film The Graduate, and go for plastic when you're entertaining this year. The glasslike stemware has improved so much your guests will never know the difference -- until they drop one.


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Veranda Acrylic Wine Glass
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Holiday Cocktails
Mel Yates

DIY Cocktails

Rather than cater to guests' specific concoctions, provide the ingredients, and let guests mix their own libations to suit their tastes.


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Monique Lhuillier "L'Étoile" Stemware Collection
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