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Stocking Decorations
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Decorate The Stocking

Step 4: Using the templates as a guide, and checking the sizes against your chalked stocking, draw an icicle trim and three holly leaf shapes on the paper side of a piece of Bondaweb. Following manufacturer's instructions, place the Bondaweb, paper side up, on to your felt and press.

Cut out the shapes and check the sizes again against your stocking, making sure that the icicle trim in particular fits neatly between the three chalked seam lines at the top of the stocking. Trim a little if necessary.

Remove the backing paper and iron the motifs in place on the stocking. Using a contrasting thread, top stitch all round each leaf, 5mm from the edges, and then stitch in the 'veins' of each leaf (use the picture as a guide).

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