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Stocking Decorations
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Decorate The Stocking

Step 5: Right sides facing and matching raw edges all round, pin the two stocking pieces together. Machine stitch, taking a 2.5cm seam, leaving the top edge open. Trim seams and snip into the seam allowances around the curved edges to ease the fit. Press open seam allowances and turn through.

Step 6: Fold the gingham strip in half widthways and stitch a 2.5cm seam along the short edges to form a ring. Press seam open and turn through. Fold in half along the length, matching raw edges and press.

Then turn under 2.5cm along one long edge and press again. Repeat along the remaining long raw edge. Right sides facing and matching raw edges, pin the gingham trim to the top of the stocking, matching the trim seam with one of the stocking seams. Turn the trim over the raw edge of the stocking and slip stitch in place on the reverse.

To finish, stitch miniature bells or baubles in place on the holly leaves.

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