A glamorous New Year's setup

Dinner Time

Set small clocks around the table as a festive way to celebrate on New Year's Eve. A palette of pale green is a fresh way to end the year, and the rustic shape of this china provides a welcome respite from the glitz of Christmas decor.

A seashell accented table setting
Rick Lew

Seafood Feast

For this sea-themed table, an oyster plate layered over a shagreen charger brings the motifs and textures of the sea to the table. Flowers arranged in a conch shell serve as a beachy centerpiece.

A classic silver-and-white-themed table setting
Erik Rank

Silver Service

A silvery theme adds elegance to the table. To keep things from becoming too staid, a platinum-striped charger and a beautifully embroidered napkin add texture and refinement.

A silver-painted branch and a centerpiece in a frosty palette introduce natural elements without disrupting the theme. Lamb's ear, a silvery-green perennial, forms the basis of the arrangement.

Use a unique centerpiece as a conversation starter

Serene Setting

With green as the dominant color, this table is elegant but undeniably festive. A centerpiece of hydrangea blossoms arranged over greenery in the shape of a cake is a surefire conversation starter.

Christmas decorations that easily translate into New Year's themes
Laurey W. Glenn

Holiday Blues

If you've decorated for Christmas with an unexpected color palette, such as the blue setting shown here, it will translate easily for your New Year's celebration.

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