A window treatment with ribbon accents

Deck the Windows

For a whimsical window treatment, thread the end of a length of ribbon through an ornament loop, and then glue the cut end to the back of the ribbon. Use thumbtacks to attach the ribbons to the top of the window.

A table decorated with wide bands of ribbons

Adorn Your Table

Crisscross the table with bands of wide ribbon and let the ends trail over the sides. Pin, glue, or tack ornaments to the trailing ribbons for an unexpected decoration.

A large star centerpiece with ornaments and garland

Design a Star

For a showstopping centerpiece, try using one oversized item instead of several small pieces. Here, we covered a large star with ornaments and garland for maximum impact.

A chandelier with hanging candy ornaments

Dining Decor

Include the entire family when you decorate this holiday season. While you hang candy ornaments from the chandelier with ribbon, let the kids place treats at each place setting for a sweet evening with your guests.

A mantel decorated with string ornaments

Twinkling Mantel

These adornments are picture-perfect. You can create this mantelpiece decoration by stringing ornaments through pieces of ribbon, and then securing them to the top of the frame with thumbtacks.

A multicolored straw wreath hanging on a door

Make a Wreath

Welcome family and friends during the holidays with this multicolored wreath. Simply glue ornaments in varying sizes to a wreathform with a glue gun.

Dozens of glass ornaments heaped in a glass vase

Fill Glass Vases

Save some money by decorating with items you already have. Here, we heaped dozens of ornaments in glass vases. Glass trifle dishes, ice buckets, and bowls also work well.

Hanging ornaments on a chain
Ralph Anderson

Create Festive Garland

Take your decor to the next level by hanging ornaments from an inexpensive chain. Remember to use lightweight materials, and choose colors that complement your holiday color scheme.

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