Get creative with wreath designs
Robbie Caponetto

Creative Thinking

A wreath made of glass ornaments sits on a shelf under a sunburst mirror, creating a festive holiday composition. When you're composing vignettes, consider how shapes will complement one another.

Tradition with a twist
Robbie Caponetto

All Wrapped Up

Moss wreaths loaded with wide satin ribbon make a festive, modern focal point over a mantel. A bulls eye effect is created by hanging one wreath inside another.

seaside leaf wreath

Shades of Green

To make a leaf wreath more interesting, turn some of the leaves to reveal their chartreuse backs. This seaside version features a starfish and bougainvillea blossom for a sense of place.

Green wreaths on a striped wall

Mossy Magic

Assorted mosses attached to a wreath frame are a fun variation on the expected evergreen boughs.

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