Red, Green and Blue Holiday Table
Thomas J. Story

Create a Stunning Centerpiece

Combine organic and architectural elements for streamlined elegance. A piece of 1/4-inch-thick acrylic plastic (cut to fit at a framing shop) rests atop a bright jumble of berries and seeded eucalyptus.

Vintage blue glass bowls overflowing with deeper red berries are staggered with with taller clear glass candlesticks for a layered effect.

What We Used:
• Pepperberry
• Red berries (such as viburnum and pyracantha)
• Seeded eucalyptus

Tip: Arrange berry and eucalyptus branches after setting down plates to make sure the proporation are right.

Red Berry Placecard
Thomas J. Story

Thoughtful Placecards

Floral-wire letters wrapped in floral tape, dusted with blue glitter, and overlaid with glued-on pepper berries serve as placecards.

White Lanterns and Red Buckets
Thomas J. Story

Make an Entrance

A row of white lanterns and vintage red sap buckets adds spark to an entryway. Protect a non-watertight container by dropping in a small plastic container (an empty yogurt tub works well).

What We Used:
• Geraldton waxflower

Tip: To maximize the life of your bouquets, clip 1 inch off stems before placing them in water.

Purple and Green Arrangement in a Window
Thomas J. Story

Warm Up a Winter Window

Violet anemone and hyacinth blooms, seeded eucalyptus, and green berries are displayed like rare specimens in bell jars below a winter wreath.

What We Used:
• Anemone
• Berzilia
• Hyacinth
• Pepperberry
• Seeded eucalyptus
Viburnum tinus

Porch Columns Wrapped in Garland
Thomas J. Story

Wrap Railings With Garland

Create small bouquets by securing three to five stems of seeded eucalyptus with rubber bands. Lay bouquets one over the other, so that the seed end of one covers the stem end of the next, and attach with floral wire.

Once the garland is long enough, wrap it around a column, securing the ends with floral wire.

Finish by tucking purple viburnum berries into the arrangement.

What We Used:
• Seeded eucalyptus
vViburnum tinus

Footed Bowl with Berry Arrangement
Sunset, Thomas J. Story

Arrange a Colorful Bouquet

Show off a vibrant mix of berries, seeded eucalyptus, and flowers in a pedestal bowl.

When arranging, think triangles: Start by sticking three of the heavier branches into the bowl at an angle and evenly spacing them. Then continue layering branches within this frame, turning the bowl as you work and interspersing smaller sprigs for balance.

What We Used:
• Blackberry cuttings
• Grape hyacinth (Muscari)
• Nandina berries and leaves
• Red viburnum
• Purple Viburnum tinus
• Seeded eucalyptus

Tip: Anchor heavier branches by loosely tying together their stem ends with a piece of twine.

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