Candle votives as a holiday centerpiece

Got a Light?

No matter what you're serving or what your table looks like, simple votive candles add elegance and instantly dress things up. Also try this simple row of lights on a buffet.
Purchase unscented votives in bulk, and place a candle in the bottom of each glass. When one burns out, simply replace it with another.

Add topiaries and votives
J. Savage Gibson

Firmly Planted

When you want something a little more than just candlelight, add a few topiaries. These, planted with succulents, can be transferred to the garden after the party. Potted plants and herbs also add instant interest to a table.

A fruit centerpiece

Still Life

Colorful and functional, this three-tiered serving piece allows those dining to choose what they want for breakfast and will continue to decorate your table all through the day.

See more edible centerpieces.

Tiered present centerpiece

In a Box

When you’re tight on time, take advantage of what’s plentiful. Simply gather small wrapped presents, a tiered pedestal, and some holly or other greenery. Within minutes, you'll have a centerpiece that will last the entire season (or at least until the gifts are opened).

Champagne glasses filled with water and little branches of evergreens.
Thomas J. Story

Table Statements

Champagne flutes and evergreen sprigs form a centerpiece when interspersed with forest green tea lights in clear votive holders.

Prunings from some junipers stay fresh for a month or more in water. Other short-needled conifers for this use include Arizona cypress, Atlas cedar, Douglas fir, and noble fir.

An alternative to potted poinsettias

Budding Idea

You're sure to have potted poinsettias around the house this time of year. Take a few clippings and place them in bud vases or glass bottles to quickly dress up a table. Set the vases in a row or in clusters on either end of your table.

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