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The ultimate guide for celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas filled with innovative ideas for holiday decorating, party hosting, thoughtful gifting, and much more.
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Merry Meltdown

Ba Humbug: I’m just going to have to call my guests and cancel dinner at our house. There’s too much to do and not enough time -- I haven’t bought the groceries, the house is a wreck, and the silver isn’t polished. They’ll understand.

Happy Holidays: At any other time of year, they might give you a pass. But this is Christmas! So before you put Dr. Phil on speed dial, take a deep breath, plan ahead, and ask your guests to chip in. For starters, think of three tasks that they could help with the day of the dinner, such as setting the table, bringing a side dish, and picking up last-minute items that would take you away from the house.

And for goodness sake, scale back a little. If the silver isn’t polished, leave it in its case this year. Christmas is a time to celebrate, not for a panic attack over forks and knives.


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