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Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Budget Blues

Ba Humbug: There's just not any money in the budget to decorate our house this year. We'll just have to do without this Christmas.

Happy Holidays: You’re not alone, but don’t let dwindling funds get you down. After all, Christmas is a special time to spend with those you love, and you’ll regret having a home that looks like the Grinch swept through and stole your cheer.

There are easy, affordable ways to decorate the tree (and around the house) for next to nothing. Start by using what you already have to decorate (think silver collections, leftover ribbon, and even small children’s toys). Or, hit the backyard. You can jazz up a mantel with berry sprigs, pinecones, sweet gum balls, or any other gift from Mother Nature that catches your eye.


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