add a sterling touch to a tabletop display

Jolly Poppies

Reinvent your serving pieces to add a sterling touch to a tabletop display. These scarlet blooms make a dramatic statement anchored in a silver bowl.

A copper pot centerpiece.
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Copper Creation

Create a fall centerpiece using a pumpkin, sunflowers and a copper pot.

Learn how to make this centerpiece.

Use a cake tier to display fall fruit

Tierfully Beautiful

A tiered cake stand makes the perfect stage for a centerpiece with height and color.

Mix a variety of citrus fruits (lemons, clementines, oranges, limes, grapefruit) and fresh blooms to elegantly brighten the table.

Tiered present centerpiece

In a Box

When you’re tight on time, take advantage of what’s plentiful. Simply gather small wrapped presents, a tiered pedestal, and some holly or other greenery. Within minutes, you'll have a centerpiece that will last the entire season (or at least until the gifts are opened).

Long plants and cylindrical vases

Spring Ahead

Take those long, lean, spring-blooming bulbs and use them on the table to add height. These are tied with ribbon and set in tall cylinder vases to become an instant focal point.

Use pears to accentuate fall flowers

Perfect Pair

The combination of red and green pears complements the harvest-colored flowers. To fully connect the two, incorporate a layer of petals in the bottom of the bowl, making sure they peek out ever so slightly.

Candle votives as a holiday centerpiece

Got a Light?

No matter what you're serving or what your table looks like, simple votive candles add elegance and instantly dress things up. Also try this simple row of lights on a buffet.

Purchase unscented votives in bulk, and place a candle in the bottom of each glass. When one burns out, simply replace it with another.

Use twigs instead of flowers

Get Twiggy

Instead of flowers, look to brightly colored fall berries as an easy alternative. These instantly brighten the table and creatively blur the line between indoors and out.

A candy centerpiece

Sugarplum Fairies

Ideal for a children's party but festive enough for grown-ups as well, this mix of peppermint trees and marshmallow snow transforms any table into a winter wonderland.

A centerpiece in a red roasting pan
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Use What You've Got

The perfect idea for a stunning centerpiece may be lying in your cupboard. This red roasting pan is the perfect splash of color for a holiday table.

Learn how to create this creative centerpiece.

Add topiaries and votives

Firmly Planted

When you want something a little more than just candlelight, add a few topiaries. These, planted with succulents, can be transferred to the garden after the party. Potted plants and herbs also add instant interest to a table.

hydrangea centerpiece

Blooming Branches

While they're not in season right now, hydrangeas should still be available at your local florist. Their fullness and tissue-paper appearance add a refined, professional touch to your table when placed on an antiqued tiered serving piece.

A pedestal stand presents food and acts as a centerpiece

Start Off Right

When serving breakfast to your guests, use a pedestal stand to both present your meal and decorate the table. This centerpiece mixes several types of fruit, but it would also work well with muffins, croissants, and scones.

A craft store centerpiece.
Brian Francis

From the Craft Store

Add some interest to basic glass vases and unscented candles by dressing them with river rocks, raffia, and grapevine wreaths. Grosgrain ribbon and a burlap table runner add color and energy.

Learn how to make this crafty, fall centerpiece.

Greenery is good

Go Natural

Look to your own yard for inspiration. Clippings from bushes, plants, and even trees look stunning when gathered in a tall vase.

A cookie tree

Sweet Treats

While you're baking this season, think about trying this idea. Tie decorated sugar cookies with ribbon to a miniature tree. Cookies can be nibbled on a day or two after hanging, but they'll continue to look good for weeks.

Use an urn as a vase

Urning Your Keep

Don’t feel limited to only use glass vases for your floral centerpieces. This silver wine cooler transforms into a wonderful focal point for a table or buffet with the simple addition of spray roses.

Use silver pails for planters
Courtesy of Southern Living

Pot Luck

With this centerpiece, the scent of fresh rosemary fills the room. Plus, these herbs look just like miniature Christmas trees. Dress up their silver pails or terra-cotta pots with ribbon and cut-out letters to spell out a holiday greeting.

Make a Christmas Tree with poinsettias

O Christmas Tree

Creating this look can be done with real pointsettia blooms, but their silk look-alikes can be very convincing. Using floral wire, attach each flower to a floral pick. Then, secure the picks into a cone-shaped block of floral foam. Fill in any gaps with greenery, and enjoy your blossoming tree.

A hardware store centerpiece.
Brian Francis

From the Hardware Store

Yes, even your local hardware store can be a source in inspiration for your tabletop. Copper wire, balls of twine, and seasonal plants form an eclectic arrangement with plenty of festive style.

Learn how to make this festive, holiday centerpiece.

An alternative to potted poinsettias

Budding Idea

You're sure to have potted poinsettias around the house this time of year. Take a few clippings and place them in bud vases or glass bottles to quickly dress up a table. Set the vases in a row or in clusters on either end of your table.

A set of baskets with fruit.
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Festive Fruit

A trip to the grocery store is all you need to complete this quick and easy centerpiece.

A garden shop centerpiece.
Brian Francis

From the Garden Shop

Inspired by the outdoors, this table is adorned with pretty pumpkins and sweet-smelling herbs. Soft colors and plenty of texture create a meal-ready table that's perfect for the season of harvest.

Learn how to make this pretty, pumpkin centerpiece.

A centerpiece made of flowers

Rethink Your Scheme

A nontraditional color scheme can still be festive. Here, deep plum-colored flowers, crystal, and linens evoke an autumn feel, and the pop of bright green (introduced in the china pattern) keeps things light.

A formal lunch table setting.
 Erik Rank

Winter white flowers

Keep your table simple and elegant with a sophisticated bouquet of all white blooms. Cut short and placed in a silver cup as a vase, this arrangement add a lovely touch without limiting your guests' conversations across the table.

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