Two necessities for a great afternoon – your best friend and a cold drink. Although, don’t let the former have the latter.

Pets at Home

Pets are main members of the family, and the house is just as much theirs as it is yours. Take a look, and see where our pets like to camp out. » See Photos
Ray Kachatorian

Augie and MacDuff Your Best Friends

They're the first ones to greet you at the door, a good cuddle buddy on the couch, and that warm, wet, slobbery kiss just before you get out of bed. A house isn't a home without your furry family members. Flip through this slideshow of your pets, submitted to our Facebook Fan Page. » See Photos

Installing a Pet Door

Sick of letting little Fido out? Follow these easy steps and add a pet door this weekend. » See Photos

This big pooch knows the best spot to curl up is on a relaxing porch swing. How to Keep Your Home Healthy and Pet-Friendly

Go room by room to see how you can keep your home safe for both you and your furry family members. » See Photos

pet car seat Pamper Your Pets

Because your pet deserves the best, make sure your home has a little something special for your furry friend. » See Photos

Pet Room

Make pet grooming and cleanup convenient with this room's sealed glazed cement floor, corrugated galvanized aluminum wainscoat encircling the room, and a specialized faux slate and porcelain pet shower. » See More

Real Simple's Pet Basics Real Simple's Pet Basics

How to pick a pet you'll love―and care for it properly once you bring it home. » See More

Sunset Pets of the West Sunset's Pets of the West

Great ideas for pet-friendly homes, gardens, trips, and outdoor adventures from the editors at Sunset  » See More

Coastal Living's Dogs on the Beach Coastal Living's Dogs on the Beach

See how these coastal pets splash, swim, and sun bathe at the beach » See More

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