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Right type of hangers
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Bob Heimstra

Get Hung Up

Invest in the right kind of hanger for the type of clothing you are hanging. Use padded hangers for items made from delicate fabrics, plastic hangers for button-down shirts, and sturdy wood hangers for suit jackets as they help retain the shape of the items. Remove all wire hangers (they don’t properly support your clothes) and plastic dry-cleaner bags (they don’t allow fabrics to breathe, keeping the chemicals used in dry cleaning in your clothes).

Save time in the morning by coordinating your wardrobe. Sort by color, and hang like-types of clothing together (i.e. skirts, pants, blouses, etc.).

Find it:
Shirt Hangers
5.99 (set of 6)
Available at Bed Bath and Beyond

Suit Hangers
$6.99 (set of 5)
Available at Bed Bath and Beyond

Trouser Hangers
$6.99 (set of 6)
Available at Bed Bath and Beyond

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