Old armoire with momentos inside
Tria Giovan

Chic Storage

Cottage Living associate style editor Heather Chadduck painted the inside of an old armoire, hung a mini-chandelier inside, and opened the doors to a new way of thinking about storage with style. Glass replaces dark wooden shelving for a brighter, more modern look that encourages leaving the doors wide open. Salvaged gym baskets hold loose fabrics.

Tiny Closet tranformed to Workstation
Tria Giovan

Open Door Policy

How do you make the most of an awkward closet with a door that cuts into the room? Heather pulled off the door, added a few shelves and simple trim work, transforming this tiny closet into an organized workstation. Old magazines and important papers are stored on the top shelf in labeled files, which are easy to find at department and organizing stores. A curtain made from hemstitched cotton twin sheets hides a metal filing cabinet below.

Rolling Cart with Bold Floral Skirt
Robbie Caponetto

Kitchen Space Saver

It's crunch time in the kitchen. There's zero counter space and you still need a place for extra pots and pans, not to mention the espresso maker. What to do? Cottage Living decorating editor Fran Keenan has a soft spot for everyday items that can be transformed into stylish accessories. "Don't dismiss that no-frills rolling cart you've seen at home centers," Fran says. "Why not enhance it with an inexpensive, bold floral skirt? You'll get the storage you need, plus this easy update make an instant decorative statement."

Shelves with Wicker Baskets
Keith Scott Morton

Baskets Beat Boxes

If you can't curb the clutter, simple shelves with wicker baskets are an inexpensive and stylish solution for stashing loose objects out of sight but within reach. Limit the mess in a child's room by pulling out only one basket of toys at a time. These stylish containers -- easy to find at department and import stores -- are also great for organizing cleaning supplies and linens in the laundry room or bath.

Open Shelving
Tria Giovan

Open Up

Just think, no more digging around in the back of every cabinet to find the pieces you need. With open shelving, kitchen items are in plain view -- and that means you can see (and use) what you love every day. These shelves are simply shelf brackets and boards mounted to a piece of plywood. A little paint adds the finishing touch.

Bathroom With Towel Rack Above Tub
Tria Giovan

Hooked On

Bathrooms are notorious for lack of storage. Free up space in your linen closet with baskets and hooks. Baskets are a perfect solution for storing clean towels when company comes over. Your guests will need a place to hang all those towels. The towel rack, within easy reach of the tub, is made from old coat hooks screwed into a salvaged board.

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