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Wash Cycle

For sheets that are used on a daily basis, wash them once every two weeks. Ideally, it is best to have two sets that you can rotate each week to preserve the life of your linens.

Monogrammed bed linens
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All Threads Created Equal

Thread count is not an indicator for care, just a number.

Yes, they should all be washed on a cool setting. Also, always remember to wash sheets with sheets and towels with towels. Never wash them with anything else. Buttons, zippers, and other types of fabrics can damage the fibers and cause your sheets to pile (the sheets will ball up).

White bedding
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Banish the Bleach

No. Chlorine bleach weakens the fibers and will cause the fabric to break down much quicker. I add Oxi-Clean to loads with towels and white sheets. Any oxygen-based cleaner is much safer and friendlier for your fabrics.

Sheets hanging out to dry
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Hung Out To Dry

If you are going to dry your sheets, you should always dry them on the lowest setting. High heat can damage the fibers and cause the sheets to become crisp. Air-drying is not bad by any means, if you have the time.

Crisply ironed bedding
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Crisply Ironed

All sheets can be ironed, but starch is not necessary. If you decide to iron your sheets, press while they are still slightly damp with the iron set to a lower heat setting.

If needed, use a spray bottle with water to make them slightly damp or a linen spray such as Caldrea. Doing so will make ironing much easier. Keep in mind that the fewer products you use on your sheets the better.

Bed with a duvet
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Duvet Dilemma

The care of your bed linens depends on the type of fiber used for your duvet. Always follow the care instructions labeled on your bedding. Some duvets should never be dry cleaned. Likewise, I wouldn't recommend washing a duvet or coverlet that requires dry cleaning. The duvet can shrink and the fabric will never look the same. I have seen many duvets and coverlets ruined from improper care.

Specialty linen care products
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Tried and Tested

Do you recommend any linen care products in particular?

To prolong the life of your linens, always read the care label. When washing your linens at home, be sure to use detergents without harsh chemicals, bleach, or perfumes. Mild detergents such as Le Blanc Linen Wash and Caldrea are some of my personal favorites.

LeBlanc Linen Wash
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LeBlanc Downwash
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LeBlanc Linen Water
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Lavender Pine Linen Spray
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Specialty laundry care products
Jean Allsopp

More Laundry Products

LeBlanc Laundry Wash

LeBlanc Towelwash

LeBlanc Silk and Lingerie Wash

LeBlanc Dryer Sachets
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Sweet Pea Stain Remover

French Lavender Stain Balm

Ginger Pomelo Dryer Sheets

French Lavender Spray Starch
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By Zoë Gowen, Assistant Editor

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