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Other Pet Friendly Tips

-Program your vet, emergency vet, and the Pet Poison Helpline phone numbers into your cell phone. It will be one less thing to find during the chaos of an emergency. The Pet Poison Helpline number is 1-800-213-6680.

-When you get home, hang up your purse. Chances are your pup will start snooping through your handbag and find something toxic to chew on, such as sugar free gum. It can cause seizures and major drops in blood pressure, and in high doses, liver failure.

-Find out where your pet likes to sleep, or where you’ve placed their bed or crate to make sure nothing can accidentally fall on them.

-When packing for travel, don’t put your medication into a Ziploc bag. Once you toss it in the suitcase, it’s fair game for your pet. And just because something is child proof, doesn’t make it pet-proof.

-Keep a family diary of medications and milligram strength. If you accidentally give your pet some of your pills by mistake, knowing how much he’s ingested can help a vet make a better diagnosis.


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