A Can of Redish-Orange Coral Paint
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Howard L. Puckett

Take Out Toxic Paint

Tip: Use low-VOC paint for a healthy future.

"When choosing a new paint color, it's always better to choose a paint with low VOCs. I recently learned that it's not just the dry time that's important for paint. Years after, the paint still can release toxins into the air of your home. Buying paint with zero or low Volatile Organic Compounds is a simple step that gives back to you and your family for years. The kitchen is another place where there are plenty of opportunities to create a healthy home. There are dish detergents, cleansers, and hand soaps that use more natural ingredients and are less chemical based (Method is a favorite of mine). I also like to use more cleaning towels and sponges that can be washed to cut back on using too many paper products."

Amy N.

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