A parent can do laundry while watching his or her child play in this light green
Thomas J. Story

Laundry Meets Playroom

This joint laundry/playroom is a great combined space for parents and kids. Bright blues and greens enliven the room. The pale green nontoxic laminate veneer is by Abet Laminati.

An energy efficient washing machine is concealed by colorful cabinets.
Thomas J. Story

It's All in the Details

Cabinets conceal a water- and energy-frugal front-loading washer and dryer from GE. The floor is engineered bamboo. Cobalt blue recycled-glass knobs match the lava-stone tile counter.

This green children's room is bright with assorted colored bubbles on the wall.
Thomas J. Story

Children's Bedroom

For recyclable wall decor in the older child’s room, we used Wallcandy Arts “Dottlicious” stickers of various sizes from giggle.com.

Blue and green stripes decorate the walls of this bedroom.
Thomas J. Story

A Healthy Touch

Add personality with personalized wainscot. The blue and green stripes are painted with low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint.

Large circular stepping stones lead the way into the backyard.
Thomas J. Story

Green Thumb (and More)

A small outdoor space means every inch must count, so we made sure there was a variety of activity zones, including raised planting beds a sandbox, and a compact flagstone patio.

Circular stepping "stones" and a semicircular mini deck made of rot-resistant Trex, a composite wood, punch up the design of a small outdoor space.

A woman and child work in a flowerbed.
Thomas J. Story

Reused Rubber

The play yard walking surface is a mulch made of shredded brown-toned recycled tires by Grubble Products.

Bright blue recycled glass functions as mulch.
Thomas J. Story

Backyard Features

Tumbled dark and light blue recycled glass from Building Resources makes a colorful mulch.


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