The grass is bright green on this patio.
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Outdoor Solutions

Think energy efficiency is only an indoor concern? Think again. The exterior of your home also offers some energy-saving opportunities.

CFLs are just as bright as regular bulbs -- and much brighter for the future.
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Switch to CFLs

Swap out incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) in your porch lights and other outdoor fixtures.

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Evergreens block wind.
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Go Evergreen

Plant evergreen windbreaks to deflect cold winds, and position trees strategically to shade windows and air-conditioning units.

A timer for outdoor lights keeps them off when they are not in use.
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Try Timers

Use motion-detector units or timers for outdoor lights so that they’re only on when needed.

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UPM Programmable Outdoor Timer
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A bright red Japanese maple lights up any yard.
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Fast Fact: Trees

Save energy year-round by planting the right trees in your yard. Deciduous selections offer the best of both worlds. They shade your windows in the summer, yet allow the sun’s warmth in during fall and winter (after they lose their leaves). Remember to consult your local nursery or garden center for the best selections in your region.

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Japanese Maple

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