Cottage kitchen
Cottage Living, Robbie Caponetto

Cottage Kitchen Renovation

We got great information from Cottage Living editors about their own kitchen renovations. A glimpse into an editor's home is always fun.

Watch Amy Mitchell's kitchen renovation.

Halloween witch


Our Halloween package in total was a staff favorite, but the highlight of the series was our witchy host, played by Mike C., an actor who works days in our video studio.

Watch the Halloween video here.

WindMark Beach porch
Antoine Bootz

The Idea House Giveaway

Assembled from many visits to WindMark Beach, mixing still photographs and video footage, the Idea House Giveaway overview demonstrates the professional, polished coverage we can achieve.

See WindMark Beach and our house for yourself.

large light fixture
Southern Living, Laurey Glenn

How To Change a Light Fixture

Our helpful how-to videos, which we plan to expand in 2009, have been fun to produce and popular with our audience. Addressing common household chores and repairs, this video guide, accompanied by slide show instructions, helps make even the most challenging project seem possible.

Learn to change a light fixture yourself.

Kids in the garden
Colin Peterson

Kid-Friendly and Fun

The day the kids took over at MyHomeIdeas is one that will not soon be forgotten. From enjoying laughs at a table set for a cupcake party to planting herbs and trying out kid-friendly garden gear, we all had a blast!

Watch the video here.

Lydia's living room
Colin Peterson

Living Room Makeover

What a difference a day makes. By rearranging the furniture, hanging artwork in groups, and adding a few budget-friendly accents, we made space in Senior Editor Lydia Somerville's living room for a plasma TV (and opened up the room so that the whole family could enjoy it).

Watch Lydia's living room transformation.

swags hang over a white house
Cottage Living, Tria Giovan

10 Festive Front Entries

A perennial favorite with our audience, this roundup of holiday entrances from Sunset, Southern Living, and Cottage Living is a perfect example of the strength of all the magazine brands together in one story.

See each of our favorites.

spooky portrait
Emily Jenkins Followill

Halloween Parties

The MHI staff had so much fun throwing two Halloween parties, and it shows. Each party produced lots of craft ideas, which were made into videos and provided plenty of spooky inspiration.

Watch the videos here.

slipcovered plaid chairs
Cottage Living, Megan Thompson

Uncovering Slipcovers

Filled with practical advice and inspiring photos, this story addresses the decorating dilemma we all experience when we're considering slip-covering a piece of furniture.

Learn all about slipcovering.

outdoor oasis
Southern Living, Van Chaplin

7 Ways With Porches and Patios

No matter the time of year, outdoor rooms have become a staple for the modern-day home. Whether it's used for the ultimate cookout or as a retreat for relaxation, the backyard space has limitless options.

See our great outdoor spaces.

Renovated kitchen
Colin Peterson

Budget Kitchen Renovation

This project was quite an undertaking, but with around $400 and a hard-working team, we took this kitchen from dated to ready to sell in less than two days. And with plenty of paint and decorative accents on a budget, this room never looked better.

See the kitchen here.

front entry
Southern Living, Van Chaplin

Fix Up a Front Entry

Our readers can never seem to get enough about front entries -- and with good reason. This is one area of the home that is easy and inexpensive to spruce up. It’s also a prime piece of curb appeal. See how adding shutters, plants, and containers can really transform an entryway.

See this gallery.

eco-friendly soap
Courtesy of Clearly Natural

Green Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly products are readily available in stores nationwide, but are they worth all the hype? We tested 25 popular green cleaning products -- from detergents to toothpaste -- and found out which ones worked well and which ones we’d rather leave on the shelf.

See all of our favorite green products.

Southern Living, Allen Rokach

30 Ways To Go Green

It seems that everything and everyone was going green in 2008, and we wanted to show you it can be an easy transition. Just do one of these easy green tips a day, and you’ll be living more earth-friendly in just a month. It is just that simple.

See all of our tips.

backyard barbecue
Brian Francis

Entertain With Ease

This summer we took the backyard barbecue and gave it a green makeover. From recycled paper plates to the way we grilled, everything got an update and proved you can reduce the waste and still increase the charm.

See our entertaining tips.

Idea House kitchen
Cooking Light, Tria Giovan

Our Top Idea House Kitchens

We can never get enough kitchens, and when we pulled together our favorite ones from recent Idea Houses we still wanted more. From contemporary to cottage there is inspiration and ideas for every style.

See our favorite Idea House kitchens.

spray painted trophies
Cottage Living, Roger Davies

7 Inventive Ideas for Walls

The 2008 Cottage Living Idea Home in Los Angeles is full of creative, affordable concepts you can use to dress up your walls. The designer Jackie Terrell created a fresh take on Mission Revival style for this house. With creative and inexpensive ideas, Jackie helps answer the age-old question, "What should I put on the walls?"

See all 7 ways to update your walls.

3 porch makeovers
Liesa Cole

1 Porch, 3 Ways

This past spring, three MyHomeIdeas editors took over one lonely porch and gave it three very different and very chic looks. From traditional Southern charm to a more ethnic-inspired modern look to a Bohemian Mediterranean style, this one porch was given three unique twists.

See our three porches.

Universal design home
Cooking Light, Tria Giovan

Universal Design at Home

We went to Portland, Oregon, this past summer to see Cooking Light’s 2009 FitHouse. Besides being beautiful and reflecting the Pacific Northwest’s sense of style, the entire home was built in accordance with Universal Design.

The concept of Universal Design involves smart and intuitive planning, which makes the house comfortable for everyone including small children, the elderly, and those with challenging ability levels.

Learn more about Universal Design.

a Cottage living room
Cottage Living, Tria Giovan

Room Challenge

Everyone went crazy for this interactive room challenge. This gives our readers the chance to cast a vote for their favorite room. Every day two beautiful rooms battle it out to be the winner. The best part is you can keep voting. So from living rooms to kitchens, you can keep exercising your right to vote for good style.

Cast your vote in our Room Challenge.

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