home gym
Courtesy of Cottage Living

Lighten Up

Resolution: Lose weight

Make it stick: This resolution seems to make its way on the list every year. But this year, you can easily make room for fitness in your life by simply making room for it in your house. Any extra bedroom or den can be transformed into a mini fitness studio.

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sexy bedroom
Southern Living, Laurey W. Glenn

Bring Sexy Back

Resolution: Increase my sex life

Make it stick: To keep this promise, start from the ground up. Help set the mood with a bedroom that is free of clutter, kid’s toys, and other distractions.

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piggy bank

Fatter Pockets

Resolution: Save money

Make it stick: You can start saving cash by cutting down on your household bills. Look to energy-saving appliances, and continue to trim the monthly bills throughout the house with these easy-to-follow tips.

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restful bedroom
Southern Accents, Michael Arnaud

More Z's

Resolution: Get more sleep

Make it stick: Evaluate your sleeping habits and your bedroom. Just by making minor changes (paint color, lighting, and furniture layout), you can turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

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stylish file folders
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Be Clutter Free

Resolution: Get organized

Make it stick: Cut the clutter out of your life, and finally be rid of the piles of stuff. With simple principles and the proper tools, you can have everything in its place in no time.

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kitchen storage
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Resolution: Cook more

Make it stick: Save money, spend more time at home, and get healthier by cooking all your own meals. The best place to start is in a well-stocked kitchen with everything you need in reach.

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Right type of hangers
Courtesy of Real Simple, Bob Heimstra

Make Heads Turn

Resolution: Dress better

Make it stick: Spend an afternoon rifling through your closet to get rid of clothing you don't (or shouldn't) wear. Once you've done that, organize with a strategy -- group by color, or season. The more ordered it is, the easier it will be for you to look put together.

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Salon-style wall above a sofa
Cottage Living, Tria Giovan

Branch Out

Resolution: Learn a new hobby or skill

Make it stick: Find something that inspires you, and vow to learn more about it. It may be a beautifully designed room that leads you down an adventurous path of collecting or a beautiful garden to turn you toward gardening. The key is to find something to pique your interest and start learning.

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fire place
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The Important People

Resolution: Spend more time with family and friends

Make it stick: Turn your home into an inviting space that welcomes guests easily. Have entertaining essentials at hand and a guest room ready to make sure that you aren't caught off guard if anyone stops by unannounced.

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