Meet the Blogger

An Atlanta native, Claire passed on her law school acceptance letters to start her own interior design firm in her hometown.

10 Confessions from Claire

Get to know Claire better with 10 quirky facts she shared about herself here, like how she has an inexplicable fear of roller coasters and how her blog has its own bumper sticker!

DIY Window Treatments

When strapped for time and cash, we love that Claire is willing to get her hands dirty and take on a DIY project. We love even more that she documents the step-by-step instructions in a blogpost! See Claire's instructions for DIYing a custom upholstered window cornice here.

Editing Bookshelves

Bookshelves are a great way to blend function and decoration because they serve as storage as well as add visual interest to your space. Check out Claire's 5 things to remember when stocking your shelves.

Mid Century Modern

Claire's envy-worthy pair of LCW Chairs blend easily into her modern yet traditional, colorful yet calming living room. We also love her argument in favor of the iconic chairs. Claire, we agree, good design never goes out of style!

Clever Lighting

At, we believe that lighting is as important to a room as furniture, and we're glad Claire shares that same belief. She cleverly turned old street trash into a chic pendant lamp -- see how she got this look on a shoestring!

Bravery and Spray Paint

It takes courage to attack a pair of wicker chairs with 4 cans of neon yellow spray paint! We love how this electric hue takes two funky chairs to another level. Kudos!

Setting the Table

With just flowers from the yard and some mismatched glasses and napkins, Claire created a charming summer tablesetting. By picking a palette and sticking to it, this dining room is ready for guests without a dime spent!

Purely Gratuitous

While this January post has absolutely nothing to do with interior design, decorating, entertaining, or even shopping, look at all the baby animals! Yeah, you're welcome.

Handmade Holiday

Claire whipped up this holiday wrapping paper with just some old lace and spray paint. Lovely!

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