Serving items
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

The Basics

Start with these 10 essential serving pieces and pair them with your favorite place setting ideas.

Silverplated Burgundy Waiter;

Scalloped Cake Stand; 

Glass Votives;

Small Pewter Bowl; 

Silver-Plated Julep Cup;

Horn Carving Set; 

Oval Bread Basket by Matahari; 

Edme White Platter; 

Festival Collection Hemstitched Linens; 

Glass Trifle Bowl; 

Casual red table setting
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn


Don't save this casual display for a special occasion; it can be used throughout the holiday season.

Charger: Berry & Thread Scalloped; 

Dinner plate: Ruby; 

Linens: Neoclassical Border; 

Flatware: Chatham Bead by Wallace; 

Goblet: Wizard’s Goblet;

festive table setting
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn


Combining sparkly flair and traditional colors, this beautiful setting adds a dash of glam and cheer to your holiday table.

Charger: Gold Ruby by Porcel; 

Dinner plate: Grand Tour; 

Place mat: Gem Border; 

Napkin: Linen Wave Edge; 

Napkin ring: Strands of Gold; 

Flatware: Nelson; 

Tumbler: Ruby; 

kid-friendly table setting
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn


This perfect setting for kids is both fun and durable.

Dinner plate/bowl: Candy Cane Collection; 

Salad plate: America’s Diner/Bistro Collection; 

Place mat: Basketweave; 

Napkin: Trend Run Green; 

Flatware: Spencer Utensils; 

Glass: Gibralter Juice;

modern table setting
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn


Don't the holidays seem much more elegant when you're eating with a golden fork?

Charger/dinner plate: Aegean Gold and Alençon Gold by L’Objet; 

Place mat: Lattice; 

Napkin: Linen Wave Edge; 

Napkin ring: Target Gold Rings; Target stores

Flatware: Alessandra Gold; 

Glass: Vertical Stripes Florentine Gold by Marc Blackwell; 

Traditional table setting
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn


This more muted table setting gives the holidays a classic style. Use it during other times of the year to elevate a dinner with guests.

Charger/bread and butter plate: Signature Gold Monogrammed Collection; 

Salad plate: Anna Colors Mint Green by Anna Weatherley; 

Linens: Festival Collection; 

Flatware: Dresden Rose; 

Glass: Lismore Essence Platinum; 

vintage table setting
Photo by Laurey W. Glenn


Incorporate family heirlooms into your display to give the holidays a more personal touch.

Dinner/bread and butter plates: Openwork Creamware; 

Salad plate: English Chippendale-Red by Johnson Brothers; 

Linens: Hanna Antiques Mall; 

Flatware: Vintage English hotel silver plate from Hôtel, Hôtel Silver Shop, Bergdorf Goodman; 212/872-2866

Stocking: Antique Textile; 

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