A kid's party craft table.
 Jean Allsopp

Bugs and Butterflies

When it's time for your child's next party, try our bugs-and-butterflies-themed celebration. The crafts and goodies work for boys or girls, and our budget-friendly party plans will make you smile, too. We set the scene outdoors, but these festivities can easily be moved inside. So grab your little critters, and get ready for a fun-filled afternoon that everyone will enjoy!

A kids' party invitation.
 Jean Allsopp

You're Invited

Begin your party planning with a kid-friendly invitation. Download our invite -- choose from our full-color design or a coloring page outline -- and let your little one personalize her own invitation.

Tip: A festive, colorful invitation can set the tone for your party. We based our colors, patterns, and design ideas for the celebration on this cute creation.

A kid's party table with a flower arrangement.
 Jean Allsopp

Dress the Table

Our custom-made tablecloth is lively enough for a child’s party yet sophisticated enough for afternoon tea. A small investment that will last through many celebrations, the vivid colors and pop art daisy print set the tone for cheery afternoons. You'll need about eight yards of fabric to make this tablecloth.

Pop Garden, Pop Daisy Fabric
$8.38 (per yard)
Available at Fabric.com

Tins with brightly colored flowers.
 Jean Allsopp

Tabletop Arrangements

Tin pails and painted wooden containers brim with live flowering plants -- something you can easily transfer to your garden later. Punch up the color with gerbera daises, and add an ornament of garden art such as oversize metal flowers and pinwheels.

Cake with bugs and butterflies.
 Jean Allsopp

Fanciful Cake

Take your theme the extra mile by creating or ordering a cake covered in fondant ladybugs, caterpillars, and butterflies. This sweet sensation was created at Pastry Arts Bake Shoppe.

Tip: Before ordering from any bakery, bring along some party accessories to let the bakery help provide a consistent look. Be sure to allow your baker plenty of notice -- especially during wedding season.

Mini cupcakes are perfect for kids parties.
 Jean Allsopp

More Munchies

Mini cupcakes are perfect for little hands. Fill pails with gummy worms, pretzels, and cheese crackers for hungry bug-seekers. Don't forget mini water bottles and adult beverages to keep moms and dads entertained.

Little girls with blue butterfly shaped sunglasses.
 Jean Allsopp

Wings and Things

Let little ones fly with imagination. Check out Bugs-n-Blooms for nylon fairy wings, vibrant butterflies, and dragonflies. Along with fun dress-up attire, you can also affix butterflies to tablecloths, floral arrangements, and suspend them from trees. And give the children a new way to look at the party by trying on silly sunglasses with magical lenses.

A table for kids' arts and crafts.
 Jean Allsopp

Kids' Craft Station

A child-size folding table offers plenty of room for crafty kids. Pile supplies in metal paint cans. We stocked ours with project materials simple enough to eliminate adult instruction: Popsicle sticks, pom-poms, glue, and pipe cleaners for creating fuzzy caterpillars. Also, provide colorful party bags with a stash of sparkly stickers. The kids can use them to carry take-home artwork.

Tip: You can rent a small folding table at rental stores for around $8, and metal paint cans are only $2 each at home improvement stores.

Childrens' arts and crafts smocks.
 Jean Allsopp

Whimsy Smocks

Colorful smocks protect kids' clothes from messy crafts. We adorned these plain canvas aprons with bugs, butterflies, and floral interpretations of the invitation's illustrations. Use scraps of fabric and hot glue or simple stitches to craft these whimsical critters. Looking for inspiration? Try simple outlines from children's coloring books.

Children's Plain Canvas Aprons
$16.99 (set of 6)
Available at Oriental Trading

Jars of plastic bugs and a bug house.
 Jean Allsopp

The Bug Hunt

Plastic bugs scattered about the garden are a playful version of a traditional Easter egg hunt. Send the little ones out with bug boxes (perfect party favors!) to capture the critters. After they've gathered them, see if they can identify the insects.

Tip: Buy plastic bugs in bulk from Oriental Trading Company.

A little girl getting her face painted.
 Jean Allsopp

Face Painting Fun

You don't have to be an artist to paint a smile on a child's face. Line them up for a magical makeover with a face painting kit. Simple strokes and paintbrush tickles delight innocent faces.

Tip: Plan the perfect kids' party with our easy planning ideas.

Inexpensive kids party favors.
 Jean Allsopp

Inexpensive Extras

  • Use your own easels (or borrow them from friends) to make paint stations.
  • For a popping backyard, rent a bubble machine.
  • Stock up on these no-fail finds from closeout or dollar stores: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, stickers, and pinwheels.

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