casserole swap night
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Lee Harrelson
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Casserole Swap Night

Fill your freezer and your friends' at a casserole swap. Everyone brings two homemade casseroles -- one frozen and one to enjoy during the party. Each guest gets to taste each casserole and take one home. Be sure to supply to-go boxes for leftovers. Don’t forget to ask everyone to bring copies of the recipe.

The Bar: Try a Sour Apple Martini or a Fresh Lime Gimlet

The Menu: Spinach Casserole, Four Cheese Vegetable Lasagna, Cheesy Sausage-and-Tomato Manicotti, Chicken-And-Wild Rice Casserole, Cheese-and-Bean Enchiladas, Spaghetti Pie, Shrimp Casserole

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1 of 16 Casserole Swap Night

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