How to polish silver
Colin Peterson

Silver Basics

Most of us inherited at least one piece of silver or received sterling flatware as a wedding gift. When silver sits unused and exposed to the air, it will eventually tarnish.

The best way to prevent tarnishing is to use your silver frequently. What are you saving it for?

silver pitcher
Colin Peterson

Washing Woes

After each use, wash your silver in warm, soapy water. Keep the pieces out of the dishwasher -- it will strip the patina over time. But if some well-meaning family member runs your silver through once or twice, don't worry about it.

If it begins to tarnish, however, there are easy ways to restore a gorgeous luster. And remember, the buildup of tarnish in the crevasses of silver isn't called gunk, it's called patina.

polishing a silver pitcher
Colin Peterson

Getting Started

Take a clean, dry cloth (NOT a paper towel) and pour a small amount of quality silver polish on it. We used Hagerty Silversmiths' Polish .

Rub the polish (in a circular motion) into the silver's surface. You want to create a light film, not a thick coating. And be sure to get in the grooves around the base and under the handle.

polishing a silver pitcher
Colin Peterson

Dry and Shine

Let the piece sit for a minute while the polish dries. Then take a clean, dry cloth, and gently rub off the polish, buffing it to a shine.

silver pitcher: before and after polishing
Colin Peterson

Polish Particulars

We tried a second cleaning with Hagerty Silversmiths' Spray Polish, and it really increased the clarity and shine on our pitcher.

The spray is designed for use on intricately detailed pieces (where you’d have trouble working the lotion into the pattern), but it also added real luster to the flat surface.

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