yellow and green flower arrangement
Robbie Caponetto

Double-Duty Flowers

Floral designer Kappi Hamilton whipped up an arrangement that saves you party-planning time: It serves first as a colorful centerpiece for your dinner table, then as a fresh favor for your guests.

What You'll Need:

  • Long-stemmed flowers such as spray roses, calla lillies, zinnias, gerbera daisies, hyacinths, or peonies
  • Aspidistra or other strappy leaves such as galax or ti leaf
  • Twine or raffia
  • Florist knife or pruners
  • Low bowl or glass vase
  • Gift tags

gather stems and fold leaves around them
Robbie Caponetto

Step 1

Gather stems of one variety of bloom, and then add three aspidistra leaves to surround flowers on all sides. Fold down top of each leaf toward stems.

tie arrangement with twine
Robbie Caponetto

Step 2

Tie the arrangement together with twine. Repeat until you have five or six bouquets.

personalize notes
Robbie Caponetto

Step 3

Using a florist knife, cut your bouquets to a height best suited for your container. Personalize notes on the gift tags or simply write "Thank you for coming." Tie one onto each bouquet, and tuck up inside the leaves so the tags won't get wet.

green and yellow bouquets
Robbie Caponetto

Step 4

Arrange the bouquets in a water-filled container and place as your centerpiece on the dinner table. Before guests leave, hand each one a bouquet to enjoy at home.

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