Sofas and wooden furniture lend a feeling of comfort and luxury to larger bathrooms
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Added Comfort

Sofas and wooden furniture lend a feeling of comfort and luxury to any bathroom big enough to accomodate larger pieces.

If you lack storage space, but can't afford custom built-ins, then consider bringing in a piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers or armoire. Furniture adds instant character and is a nice contrast to sleek bath surfaces.

More Fun With Furniture:

  • Place chairs or settees, typically found in a living room, in the bath for a surprising and unique look.
  • Balance a bath's hard, unyielding glass, metal, and marble surfaces with as many elements of comfort as you can. Include a cozy armchair, adjustable lighting, and flowering plants.
  • Outfit a chest or bureau with pipes and fixtures to create a distinctive vanity.
  • Add rugs and other items normally found in other areas of the house for a softer, lived-in look. To reinforce this look, strategically place accessories on your vanity to draw attention away from the other plumbing fixtures.

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