child proof rooms
Mark Scott

Shape Up Your Home

Get the ultimate value for your money with these room schemes, which won’t be spoiled by the wear and tear of family life, but will look good for years to come.

child proofed living room
Mark Scott

Living Room Lowdown

  • Choose durable upholstery that looks better at it ages. Leather is easy to care for and never goes out of fashion.
  • Create different seating areas. Coffee-table seating is perfect for games and coloring; wide sofas are better for reading.
  • Use wipe-clean paint. Grubby hands needn’t be a bother, even on pale walls, if you use a finish, such as eggshell, then most stains can be removed from.
  • Go for washable slipcovers -- a must for a family room and perfect when the fun spills over.

child proof rooms
Mark Scott

Living Room: Kids' Rules

Tip: Coffee tables are a great height for kids to play on, so buy one tough enough to withstand everyday knocks.

child proof bedroom
Mark Scott

Cozy Bedroom

  • Pick machine-washable bedding. You need to be able to chuck it in the washer if breakfast gets spilt.
  • Get a bed with storage baskets as they are perfect for keeping bed linens in -- and toys, so the kids can amuse themselves while you relax.
  • Buy a separate headboard so when you want a fresh look, you can replace or repaint it without having to buy a new bed.
  • Add soft-cornered storage, such as this upholstered ottoman. The padded lid and rounded edges aren’t going to cause injury if kids bump into them.
  • Edge a plain blind with patterned fabric so when little hands grab the bottom of it, no grubby prints will show.
  • Find a clever storage unit that will hide away a home office. The computer monitor is great for watching DVDs in bed, too.

child proof office
Mark Scott

Bedroom: Kids’ Rules

Tip: Clutter-free surfaces and round-edged furniture mean it’s safe for fun and games.

child proof dining room
Mark Scott

Durable Dining Room

  • Go for practical dining chairs that’ll stay pristine. Leather just needs a quick wipe down to stay looking smart.
  • Choose inexpensive curtains.With kids likely to pull or wrap themselves up in them, they’ll need replacing before long.
  • Protect walls with paneling. It’ll create a cozy feel in the dining room, and also means scuffed areas can be easily retouched without repainting an entire wall.
  • Use sleek furniture without protruding handles that children might catch themselves on.
  • Select smart flooring, such as laminate, that will withstand tricycles as well as dropped food and drink.

child proof dining room
Mark Scott

Dining Room: Kids’ Rules

Tip: Oilcloth adds a fun touch during the daytime and protects the table from spills.

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