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Color 101

Learn the fundamentals of color and explore options for your home with this informative guide.

Tria Giovan

By cutting it down to cocktail height, a dining room table takes the place of a coffee table in this Atlanta, Georgia, living room. Modern floor lamps flank the couch, and slipcovered (and monogrammed) ottomans in warm, neutral colors keep this living spa Find the Best Lampshade to Fit Your Style

A shade can change the entire look and feel of a lamp. Lighting expert Stephanie Edgar Reeves gives us some guidelines for a match made in heaven. » See Photos

Wallpaper 101

Discover the versatility that makes wallpaper such an artful, enduring design tool. » See Photos

Mirror as Art Picture Hanging 101

Put that hammer down, and read our advice before hanging and arranging pictures, art, and other objects. » See Photos

Beach House 101 Beach House 101

Follow five simple rules to bring fresh, fuss-free beach style into your home. » See Photos

screened-in porch Outdoor Entertaining 101

Browse our featured outdoor rooms for ideas on decorating patios, decks, and more. » See Photos

Sconces 101

With a well-established résumé of charm and elegance, sconces find work in a variety of rooms. » See Photos

Dressing Bookcases Style Your Bookshelves Like a Pro

Make sure your bookshelves are as interesting as the titles you've so carefully collected. » See Photos

Rods, Rings, and Finials Curtains 101

If you've ever attempted to dress a window, you likely found that the options are as varied as the shapes and sizes of windows themselves. » See Photos

Use separate picture hangers on both sides of the back of the frame, rather than a wire. The two hangers will keep the mirror flat to the wall; a wire can cause the mirror to hang at an angle, distorting the reflection. Add Depth to a Small Room with Mirrors

Mirrors are simply the most elegant, useful, and under-appreciated decorating tool. Use these 7 rules when incorporating them into your home. » See Photos

Sofa 101

Do all sofas look the same to you? Are you lost when trying to spot the differences? Well, welcome to Sofa 101. » See Photos

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