A luxurious bedroom
Brian Vanden Brink

Why We Love It

The classic four-poster bed in an unassuming pale finish gives this Coastal Living room simple, pure character. Large windows facing the bed offer spectacular morning views of the water.

Declutter for a more restful appearance
Brian Vanden Brink

What Makes It Work

Restraint in the rest of the decorating makes this room so appealing. The other pieces of furniture are plain, un-upholstered, and spare, letting the view be the primary focus of the room.

Use stackable storage
Brian Vanden Brink

Steal This Idea

To make a bedroom feel like an escape from the cares of the day, ban all clutter. Use simple storage ideas, such as stacking hatboxes, to keep correspondence, lists, and other items you use often close at hand but out of sight.

– Lydia Somerville, Senior Editor, MyHomeIdeas.com

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