A bedroom with wall that opens into a courtyard

Why We Love It

This remarkable bedroom, from Sunset magazine, was obviously designed for a temperate climate. I’m a fresh-air girl, and I would thrill to be able to open an entire WALL to the outdoors, as designer Joshua Coggenshall enabled these homeowners to do. A system of pulleys and cleats allow them to raise and lower the wall with ease, extending their bedroom out onto the deck and inviting the outdoors in.

A bedroom with wall that opens into a courtyard

What Makes It Work

I love the way they've used books as a design element in this room, since I believe books have an important place in the bedroom. I also love a platform bed, with its simplicity and Zen-like purity.

A bedroom with wall that opens into a courtyard

Steal This Idea

I like the idea of hanging a portrait over the bed. It makes a strong statement. Most people choose a landscape or something less noticeable over the bed, but this large portrait serves as a strong vertical element in the room. As we all know, you quickly cease to see the substance of the artwork in a room, but that is not the case here. I'll bet this room glows at night, filled with the personality and passions of the people who live in it, as a well-designed room should.
–Lydia Somerville, Senior Editor, MyHomeIdeas

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