A bathroom to fit any taste
Antoine Bootz and Jeff McNamara

Why We Love It

Sometimes, husbands should be kept out of the design process. Show them your choices of paint swatches, fabric, and tile samples, and they get nervous. They start imagining a "Barbie Dream House," where they won't be welcome or comfortable. But show them the finished product, like this undeniably luxurious Dallas bathroom from Southern Accents, with its generous proportions, polished marble floor, and acres of counter space, and they feel right at home.

A bathtub tucked into a niche
Antoine Bootz and Jeff McNamara

What Makes It Work

The tub is set into an architecturally refined niche, adding structural heft to its presence. A bathroom, like a master bedroom, is ultimately a place where both men and women want to feel comfortable, and it's a fact that soft colors, padded upholstery, and accessible amenities contribute to everyone's comfort.

Don't overdo oversized accessories
Antoine Bootz and Jeff McNamara

Steal This Idea

Overscaled accessories, like this blue urn which is one of a pair, help keep the room from feeling ditzy. One of the keys to using feminine style successfully is to avoid clutter at all costs. Nothing says "Barbie" more than a bunch of atomizers and powder puffs.

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