Traditional appearance
Jean Allsopp

Why We Love It

This is such an appealing room from Coastal Living, mainly for the view and the way the furniture doesn’t detract from it. Also, the use of double-hung windows and French doors is a nice nod to traditional building practices.

Black accents define the room
Jean Allsopp

What Makes It Work

The table and chair frames in a nearly black finish anchor the room and give it definition. Black accents are the spice in an all-white scheme. Without them, a room looks flat.

Get a chandelier for a spare room
Jean Allsopp

Steal This Idea

In a spare room, make sure you splurge on a good chandelier. It's going to get a lot of attention, and you don't want to be apologizing for it all the time. –Lydia Somerville, Senior Homes Editor,

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