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Walking into the home of a single guy generally elicits one of two questions: “Have you been robbed?” or “Have you heard of a broom?” That is, unless the home was designed by Frank Goldstin and his team at Chicago-based Hudson Home. “Just because you’re a guy, that doesn’t mean that you can’t live with comfort and style altogether,” he said. “A lot of guys find it really difficult to put things together.”

As CEO of the award-winning design/build firm, Goldstin and his associates work with clients from idea conception all the way through move-in day. “We have a really comprehensive approach that allows the homeowner to work with one team all the way from the beginning to the end,” he said. “It is more cost effective and has created a really streamlined approach to residential building.”

The results are luxurious, sophisticated homes that are not only stylish, but very useful to its residents. We chatted with Goldstin and asked for his tips on creating a sleek and very livable male abode.

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