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MHI: Where do you get your inspiration?

MM: I am honestly inspired by so much out in the world: the color of a leaf, the mold on a lemon, invitation colors, packaging. I love that yellow Marc Jacobs perfume bottle (it is like an old-fashioned tea party with a modern line), vintage trim, pictures of old English manor houses and French chateaus, crumbling architectural fragments, vintage dresses, antique vases, anything matte brass from the forties, Argent paintings, fashion photography (I have a lot of Mark Shaw), Jordan almonds, feathers, kooky Madeleine Castaing (and Morticia Adams while I am at it), and many others designer's work, past and present. It all inspires me.

Inspiration is the easy part. The jump from inspiration to execution is really what it is about. We all have ideas: They are free and easy and somehow all finished perfectly in a nanosecond in our head. It is the jump that is important.

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