Benjamin Moore Wall Tattoo
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Decorative Finishes

What about decorative finishes?

In addition to the color selections, we also focus in 2009 on another way to make a space your own -- decorative painting. Our ideas are as simple as a colorful cluster of stripes to invigorate a small or dull space and as exciting as “tattooing” your wall using the Benjamin Moore Wall Tattoo.

What’s special about these techniques is the color combinations. The stripes are created using a quartet of hues such as Blue Nose(1678), Bronze Tone (2166-30), Blushing Red (2079-20), and a base coat in Muslin (OC-12) that creates a neutral canvas for the burst of color. We showcase our tattoo “Portico” in the Colors For Your Home booklet using sharply contrasting colors such as Night Train (1567) over Vellum (207) as a base coat.

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