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We looked to the West Coast (as they adhere to the most stringent regulations on VOC’s) and made sure that Aura met those regulations first. We believe in doing our part to be more responsible as a paint manufacturer while still maintaining the integrity that goes into every can of paint we produce.

VOCs are naturally occurring in our environment at all times -- it’s the “off gassing” from new furniture, a new car smell, carpets, etc. Basically, our effort to reduce VOCs is similar to the reason you wouldn’t want your children around when you are using a kitchen cleaner. Clean, fresh air is what we want to linger in our environment.

Another benefit of having a low-VOC paint like Aura is that it dries in about an hour, so you can recoat faster and, ultimately, complete your project faster!

Tip: When applying Aura paint, don’t overwork or roll back into the coat that’s already drying. Simply roll or brush once and let the paint do the rest.

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