A room with homespun appeal
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Homespun Appeal

Maybe as an antidote to our technology driven world, the texture of knitted and stitched handiwork is cropping up in ceramics, on furniture, and even on wall decoration. This trend mirrors the popularity of crochet and knitted details in fashion design.

A white bowl with a woven pattern

Warm Your Soul Bowl

We dare you to try and keep your hands off this gorgeous knitted design by Alyssa Ettinger. It feels like a cozy sweater on the outside but interior bowl is glazed making it 100% functional too.

Available at Rare Device

Cross stitch wall decorations

Stitched Wall Art

Without ever picking up a needle, create the look of hand-crafted art. This assortment of colored adhesive stitches allow you to create your own stitched creations. Frame windows and pictures and even light switches or just use to decorate your walls.

Available at Rare Device

A cross stitch ottoman

A Leg Up

This needlepoint ottoman is hip to be square. With several stiched natural settings (from birds to flora) this piece of furniture feels more like a pastoral postcard.

Available at Anthropologie

A white, woven lamp

Warm Glow

The pierced resin bowl of this chandelier looks crocheted (but of course isn't) and truly shines with style as well as with light.

Available at Jayson Home and Garden

A brown, embroidered picture frame

Craft Corner

Not since summer camp has crafting been so much fun. This embroidered blossom frame make the perfect companion for your favorite photos.

Available at Urban Outfitters

A pillow decorated with buttons

Buttoned Up

Hand-sewn buttons adorn this linen pillow. With such bold, bright colors this pillow matches almost nothing so it goes with almost everything.

Available at
Pottery Barn

A Moroccan style pillow

Patchwork Pillow

A hybrid of Moroccan floor pillows and classic Americana patchwork quits, this round pillow can be an accent throw or used as a seat cushion.

Available at Urban Outfitters

A crochet end table


Perfect on the covered porch or even inside next to the sofa, this study handmade iron table is covered with woven wire weaves.

Available at CB2

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