Crystal Elements Sapphire Waters
Courtesy Renuzit®

Your décor is not complete without a signature scent

Renuzit® fragrances add the finishing touch to your stylishly decorated home. Select your perfect signature scent to accent your home and add a simple refresh to your décor. The scents come in many stylish forms, including the newest innovation, Renuzit® Crystal Elements®, which you can use in either the attractive starter kit glass jar or your own glass container. These beautiful scented crystals are the marriage of scent and style and the perfect accent to your home.

Sapphire Waters, one of two new scents, infuses the crisp inviting fragrance of sparkling crystal waters to provide a relaxing aroma for your home. Visit for all the Crystal Element scents.

Crystal Elements Amber Vanilla
Courtesy Renuzit®

Renew a Lonely Vase™ with a scent-sational purpose

Renuzit® Crystal Elements® can transform those lonely glass vases we all have tucked away in a cabinet, into stylishly fragrant centerpieces. Simply select your favorite vase, fill it with the colorful Crystals and - voila! You have renewed a lonely vase into a brand new, very affordable, decorative piece. Pick your favorite color or scent – or – mix and match the crystals to create your own work of art and signature smell. Releasing up to 45 days of fragrance, the vibrant natural crystals blend with any décor, from living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or even your home office.

This innovative new line features four calming scents, including new Amber Vanilla, which will fill your room with the warm, comforting scent of vanilla. Visit to Renew a Lonely Vase™.

Lavender Pearl Scents
Courtesy Renuzit®

A pretty serious odor neutralizer

Looks can be deceiving. Renuzit® Pearl Scents® Super Odor Neutralizer air fresheners eliminate the toughest odors like smoke, kitchen, bathroom or pet odors thanks to patented PureClean® Technology. The attractive pearl filled jar adds a decorative accent wherever it’s placed while offering continuous odor eliminating action for up to 30 days, keeping outlets free and with no flame to monitor.

Pearl Scents® is available in four light fragrances to match your home’s atmosphere: Fresh Lavender, Pure Breeze, Orchard Garden and After the Rain. Visit to find out more about Pearl Scents.


Neutralizer Spray
Courtesy Renuzit®

Spray away odors in every inch of your home

Strong odors can penetrate the air, the carpet and fabrics throughout your home. Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer® Fine Mist Air Freshener eliminates even the toughest odors caused by smoke, bathrooms and pets. Spray the air, carpet or fabric and it leaves behind a light, long-lasting scent like Pure Breeze, After the Rain, Fresh Scent, and Citrus Sunburst.

Patented PureClean® Technology captures the odors and prevents them from being released back into the air thus eliminating the odors in your home. In addition to the air, carpet and fabric formula, three specific sprays are available for anti-allergy, pet and car care. Visit to learn more about PureClean® Technology.


Scented Oils and Gels
Courtesy Renuzit®

Warm and inviting electric room refreshment

Electric warming air fresheners are a popular and economical way to add a pleasing aroma and renew your home. Renzuit® scented oils and gels simply plug in to any outlet, in any room – and refills even conveniently fit other warmer units. Whether you choose to show the stylish warming unit or keep it out of the way, any of the six delightfully fruity, aromatic floral or crisp outdoorsy fragrances relaxes and rejuvenates for up to 30 days. Visit for the full line of scented oils and gels.


Scented Cone in Relaxing Spa Scent
Courtesy Renuzit®

Renuzit® Adjustables Cone gets a makeover

After 30 years, the Renuzit® Adjustables Cone is America’s best selling air freshener. The classic twist open design allows for just the right amount of refreshing scent. A big variety of 15 long-lasting fragrances at a little price make these refreshing cones an easy choice for every room in your home. To add a new twist on this dependable air freshener, go to where you can make the cone a unique picture frame or even an artistic part of a room’s décor by adding a personal image. Visit to learn more about Style My Cone.


Renew Line of Products
Courtesy Renuzit®

Renew your home

The Renuzit® family of products comes in two unique product lines: Renew and Aroma. The Renuzit® Renew product line balances tough odor elimination with light, fresh scents. Refreshing the air is a breeze whether it’s the gentle warming of electric scented oils, beauty of Pearl Scents® or a soft mist of Super Odor Neutralizer® Fine Mist Air Freshener. Renew restores the clean, bright fragrance in your home, simply and beautifully. Visit for more information.


Aroma Line of Products
Courtesy Renuzit®

Add a fresh Aroma to any room

Air fresheners don’t just add fragrance to a room anymore, now they contribute to the ambiance of your home. The Renuzit® Aroma line was designed to add style and refreshing fragrance to your home décor. The innovative designs create an inviting atmosphere and add beautifully scented aroma to any space.

Warming scented oils and gels, long-lasting fragrant adjustable cones and the new innovative Crystal Elements® round out the Aroma collection that can boast up to 45 days of long, lasting freshness. With a unique selection of stylistically fragrant products, there are countless ways to Refresh. Renew. Renuzit®. Visit to view the entire Aroma line.

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