Crystal Elements Amber Vanilla
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Courtesy Renuzit®

Renew a Lonely Vase™ with a scent-sational purpose

Renuzit® Crystal Elements® can transform those lonely glass vases we all have tucked away in a cabinet, into stylishly fragrant centerpieces. Simply select your favorite vase, fill it with the colorful Crystals and - voila! You have renewed a lonely vase into a brand new, very affordable, decorative piece. Pick your favorite color or scent – or – mix and match the crystals to create your own work of art and signature smell. Releasing up to 45 days of fragrance, the vibrant natural crystals blend with any décor, from living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or even your home office.

This innovative new line features four calming scents, including new Amber Vanilla, which will fill your room with the warm, comforting scent of vanilla. Visit to Renew a Lonely Vase™.

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