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Favorite Cottages

Winonna Park
From Southern Living

Open, flowing spaces characterize the interiors of Winonna Park. At left, a wall with a unique double-side fireplace separates the living and dining rooms while providing a focal point in both spaces. Focal points, such as fireplaces, draw the eye towards the part of a room you'd like to emphasize. When working with open interiors like these, it's important to anchor the space with well-placed, larger pieces of furniture, such as the comfy cream chair shown here. The wooden coffee table and area rug further define the living area.

Fave Cottages: Coastal

Habersham Cottage

From Coastal Living

Incorporating bright colors is a great way to add personality and style to any cottage. The sitting area shown here holds oversize red and yellow leather chairs that make a perfect couple -- one with metal tacks and matching ottoman, the other a petite recliner. Shelves displaying art and books flank the stair landing. Splashes of color came from the same rug, lamp, and skirted table that are in the living area.

Fave Cottages: Covington

Covington Cottage

From Cottage Living

Everything about this new house shouts classic cottage. There's a white picket fence around the front yard, working louvered shutters, and a small porch accented with gingerbread trim. The front corners framing a broad bay window are trimmed with painted scrollwork, and the house is topped with a simple metal roof that's functional and durable. Often, it's these little exterior details that lend a cottage its charm. To up your own home's curb appeal, try adding shutters, window boxes, or decorative ironwork pieces.

Fave Cottages: Bridgehampton

Bridgehampton Idea Home

From Cottage Living

You know what you love when you visit a friend's house. It may be the plush cotton towels, the lamp on the bedstand, or that big bottle of conditioner -- carefully choose each component. In this gorgeous blue bedroom, a canopy bed makes any guest feel like royalty. Choose a bed with an untraditional finish, like bamboo, to add texture to your guest room. Art by local artists lends a sense of place to any home, while a writing desk gives guests their own space for working (or for going ahead and writing that thank-you note for a great stay!).

Fave Cottages: West Bay

West Bay Landing

In the spacious kitchen shown at left, the open storage is both a means of displaying cookware and an example of creative shelf design. The 1 1/2-inch-thick wooden shelves rest on metal supports and hang from pieces of 1-inch-diameter galvanized pipe. The open shelving is great for showcasing serving pieces and pottery, and guests love them because they can easily find needed items. If you need extra storage space but don't want to install cabinetry, an open shelving unit like this is a practical solution.

Fave Cottages: Deer Run

Deer Run

From Southern Living

This 973-square-foot house includes a living room, two bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, and two porches. In the living room, shown at left, the local fieldstone fireplace adds to the cozy, inviting feel of this central gathering area. Honey-tone spruce paneling lends rustic appeal. The open kitchen is located at the end of the long living room, where glossy white paint on open shelves above the countertops showcases a collection of blue stoneware. To bring a country feel to your own home, look for folksy fabrics and accents, such as a handmade quilt or gingham-print pillows.

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