Weeks' Layout
Suzanne York; portrait by Evan Sklar

Weeks' Layout

Weeks planned the room for flexibilty. A comfortable, three-seat sofa (1) opposite the hearth is joined by a pair of armchairs (2) and a chaise. (3) As a bridge between the two areas, the chaise is a linchpin. "It's wide and comfortable and allows one to face either direction," says Weeks. On the far end of the room, a smaller sofa (4) and chair (5) create a more intimate area. The designer picked a simple glass coffee table (6) "because its transparent top not only lightens up the area but also creates some reflection and sparkle."

TIP: Be sure there are peaks and valleys. If all the seat cushions and the coffee table are one height, it looks like a blockade. Lamps, art, and other accessories also direct the eye up and down.

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