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Biggs Powell

Memphis designer and antiques dealer Biggs Powell is drawn to interesting shapes and textures, preferring to mix and layer elements rather than follow a single style. In creating a plan, he responded to the challenges of the room, particularly the flow of traffic to and from adjacent rooms. Simplicity and restraint guided Powell's hand. The white walls are bare except for a trio of hand-painted Chinese scenic panels opposite the fireplace. Slipper chairs are upholstered in a dragon-patterned blue silk damask, while the sofa is covered in a neutral herringbone. "Above all, I did not want the room to have a distinct theme," says Powell.

TIP: A mix of things is more exciting than a room full of things from a single period or country of origin. You can enliven a scheme and keep it from looking too predictable by tossing in an unexpected object.

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