Powell's Layout
Suzanne York; portrait by Julie Skarratt

Powell's Layout

Powell floated a single seating group in the center of the room. A tufted-back sofa (1) sits perpendicular to the fireplace, across from a pair of slipper chairs (2). A small bench (3) creates an extra perch. A coffee table (4) serves the group, with smaller tables (5) providing spots for accessories or drinks. A grand piano (6) by the built-in bookcase counterbalances a backgammon table (7) at the opposite end of the room. A floor clock (8) contrasts with the sleek console (9) behind the sofa. "The central arrangement invites you in," says Powell. "It's fairly tight, so there is plenty of room to circulate, on a daily basis or during a party."

TIP: If a plan is too rigid, it feels stiff and uncomfortable. Arrange your room so that there is a sense of balance rather than relentless symmetry.

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