Why We Love It

This fun story from Southern Living took an average living room and gave it three dramatic makeovers using paint and accessories. Having worked in magazines prior to my digital life, I know how hard this sort of story is to produce. Finding a house where you can paint the walls (not one but three times), hang and re-hang artwork, and in general turn the place upside down, isn't easy. Hats off to stylist Mary Leigh Fitts, who pulled it off.

Chocolate Coating

The first incarnation features brown walls with creamy accents. The touches of white are what make the chocolate brown work, keeping the room from feeling too much like a men's club. The contrast between the white furniture, white accessories, and brown walls is lively and chic.

Complementary Colors

Chartreuse green, pulled from the artwork and repeated on the sofa cushions, adds an invigorating punch of color. The Persian rug brings an important element of pattern into the room.

Fresh Yellow

You often think of yellow as being the default color for a living room, but this room proves it can be fresh and contemporary. They key is the use of the hound's-tooth check, a classic menswear fabric which, when blown up to gigantic proportions, takes on a thoroughly modern demeanor.

Steal This Idea

Shades of yellow, white, and cream all intermingle happily here. A flokati rug, parrot-yellow curtains, and Lucite tables contribute stylish flair. The same sofa remains throughout each incarnation, proving the versatility of this simple camelback design.

Orange works well with earth tones
Laurey W. Glenn

Why It Works

Tangerine sets the stage for the third room makeover. This warm, fresh color sets off the white elements, while accents of brown in the fabrics and metal accessories create bold contrast. Eclectic fabrics and wood tones, like the bamboo shelf, take on added richness against the vibrant walls.

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