An apron with monogramming.
Jim Franco

Now You're Cooking

Cook in style with a monogrammed apron and look great even if your guests arrive early. For a similar look to the one shown, try Tailored Personalized Aprons at Williams-Sonoma or take your favorite to an embroidery service in your area.

A row of pillows with monograms.
Jim Franco

Say It With Pillows

Got a long bench that could use a little oomph? Instead of using your initials, try spelling out your name or a sentiment, one pillow at a time. Pulling the pillows together to form a word creates a unifying effect. Find a selection of solid–colored pillows with removable covers (they're easier to embroider) from Crate & Barrel.

Dining room table chairs with monograms.
Tria Giovan

We've Got Your Number

Be adventurous, branch out, and try using numbers in your next project. These numbered chairs make a unique conversation starter and give the room a sense of playfulness. To achieve this look, contact an embroidery service and upholsterer in your area.

A bed with monogrammed pillow.

Make It Yours

Your initials, in a decorative font, can dress up a plain pillow and tie it in with the room's color scheme. Using the same monogram throughout your cottage can help unify all the rooms.

Outdoor directors chairs with monograms.
Dominique Vorillon

That's a Wrap

Director's chairs make great outdoor furniture. They're comfortable, stylish, and fold up for easy storage. And what director's chair is complete without a monogram? So grab a pair of movie star sunglasses and kick back.

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