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SA: Essentials: Countertops

Counters and Cabinets

As with the overall design, synergy is key when it comes to cabinetry and work surfaces. "Cabinets should be informed by the architecture of the house," says Pursley. With counters, it's often desirable to blend different surfaces. "I like to mix countertop materials, for example, marble on an island and stainless steel or copper on the side cabinets," says Pursley. Just don't go overboard -- stick with two or three surfaces. Here are our best bets for counterops:

Calcutta Gold marble: It's elegant and has a warm cast.
Honed granite: It's virtually indestructible but not shiny.
Poured concrete: It's versatile in color and size, and can be shaped seamlessly.
Quartz: It's durable, low maintenance, and consistent in color.
Soapstone: Its lack of gloss gives the surface a softer feel.


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