couch with colorful pillows
Wendell Weber

Pillows are an easy way to bring color into a room without drastically altering the overall look. Have fun. Mix patterns and sizes. Regardless, add an extra flourish by embellishing them with ribbon.

• Patterned or solid fabric (you should be able to cut one 24-inch square pillow from 1 yard of 54-inch-wide decorator fabric)
• Ready-made pillow form (available at craft stores)
• Ribbon*
• Sealah tape
• Burnishing tool
• Sewing needle
• Thread in color that matches fabric
*Ribbon quantity depends on the pattern and size of the finished pillow. The animal-print pillow took approximately 3 yards of green ribbon and 3 yards of brown ribbon. The lattice pillow called for approximately 5 yards of cream ribbon.

1. Cut two panels of fabric to the size required to cover a standard pillow form, adding 1/4 inch of seam allowance to each side of each panel.
2. Affix the ribbon to the fabric squares with Sealah tape before sewing the squares together. This way, if your pattern extends to the very edge of the pillow, you can hide the ends of the ribbon in the seam.
3. Once your pattern is secure, turn the panels so the right sides are facing, and pin them together, making sure the seams match up. Sew together, leaving one side open.
4. Turn right-side out. Insert the pillow form and hand-stitch the opening closed or insert a zipper. If sewing isn't an option, Sealah tape and a burnishing tool can also be used to affix ribbon to the face of a ready-made shape. Your pattern will simply be limited to the center of the pillow's face.

Color Tip
When selecting ribbons to enhance your pillows, look for designs that contrast with the color of the pillow fabric. For example, solid oranges, greens, and yellows look great on shades of blue. Take the opposite approach when adding ribbon to a patterned fabric. Determine the most prominent colors and then look for ribbons that share those hues.

Reprinted from John Loecke's Grosgrain Style Copyright 2007 by John Loecke. Photos copyright 2007 by Wendell Weber. Published by Potter Craft, a division of Random House, Inc.


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